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Coloradoful by Native Roots Wellness

A feeling defined by a sense of well-being, bliss and tranquility. With a little help from CBD, you can achieve that Coloradoful state of mind.

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Colorado-sourced, premium CBD products.

Welcome to colorful Colorado. Once you’re here, the mountains change you. The weather enchants you. And the people charm you. Colorado was the first state in the union to understand the incredible impact that cannabis can have on our lives. In doing so, we’ve created a mystical feeling for locals and out-of-towners alike. When the vibe is right and the breeze is blowing, folks might begin to feel Coloradoful, a state characterized by feelings of extreme well-being and an elevated sense of connectedness to the state.

A Colorado Hemp Farm from Native Roots

Why is Colorado sourced CBD so good?

  • First things first. As the pioneer state in the industry, Colorado knows all things cannabis.

  • Colorado CBD hemp products are highly regulated and are required to go through rigorous testing procedures in sophisticated facilities to verify the absence of contaminants.

  • All Colorado produced consumable products are reviewed and approved by the Department of Public Health to attest to responsible sourcing, shelf stability, proper infusion methods, etc. unlike other states.